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                   A Place Where Boys Have a Voice!

The Fort Bend Boys Choir of Texas, Inc. was founded in 1982 by William R. Adams , Founder & Artistic Director of the choir with 45 initial members.  Located in greater Houston, TX, the organization has now grown into five performing ensembles with 200 choristers.  The members are selected from the local area by audition and enter either the Training, Town or Tour choir.  Membership is open to boys whose voices have not yet changed.

The choir was organized to give boys in the Houston area with special musical abilities and interests an opportunity to perform more challenging choral literature from classical selections to folk music.  The group combines the freshness and enthusiasm of childhood with artistic maturity, something that can only be achieved through serious work. Boyish energy is channeled into dedication to excel, team effort and hard work.  For other children, the boys serve as models of purposeful work and high achievement. For adults, they are inspirational reminders of human possibilities.